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Hand-Drawn Palm Prints

With it’s popularity originating in men’s streetwear, photographic jungle prints have poured over into all major textile markets in 2015. For SPRING/SUMMER 2016 we are still continuing to see these tropical prints. However, they have evolved into something much more hand drawn and folksy-feeling. These friendly palm prints work especially well for casual women’s and junior’s styles as well as some specialty men’s styles.Palms, Floral, Screen print, Green, Womenswear, Menswear, Pattern, Surface Design. Graphic Design. Print Design, SS2016, Runway, Fashion, Jungle Print

~Alison Wargo


All image credits on today’s blog belong to Wicker Paradise via Flickr. We are sharing these image under the CC by 2.0 license. Shorts, Phone Case, Pillow, and Shirt.


As cooler weather approaches we are beginning to see some heavier techniques being used in combination with traditional screen printing. One of the most popular fall time techniques is called flocking. Just like high density ink, flocking is used to give a specific element a textural distinction from the rest of the garment. Flock feels similar… Continue Reading


Black and white marble prints, bold graphics, and sport-inspired imagery have saturated the market in 2015. However, as 2016 approaches we are seeing more and more designers beginning to reinterpret these familiar black and white graphics into much more unfamiliar uses of pattern. Abstract textures, small geometrics, and splatter prints are currently on the rise, specifically in the mens… Continue Reading