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Folk Art Florals

At New Creation our designers love pulling inspiration from the past and reinventing it into something new and exciting. This week our focus is on Folk Art Florals. Perfect for Spring/Summer 2016 these colorful florals bring you back to a simpler time of cross stitching and hand woven tapestries.

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In today’s market these traditional florals are used in a number of mediums. Some designers prefer to stick to the traditional methods of embroidery and wovens. Others prefer to reinterpret them in more current mediums using sequins, screen print, digital print, and appliqué. At New Creation we can do any one of these techniques as well as many others.

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~Alison Wargo


We own no copyright to above images. Image credits belong to:

Myer Spring Summer Fashion Launch by Eva Rinaldi via Flickr -background of image has been cut out. Shared via the Creative Commons  (Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0) license.

Sequins Embroidered Skirt from Zalishchyky District, West Ukraine by MariyaZ via Flickr. Shared via the Creative Commons  (CC BY 2.0) license.

Furnishing Textile LACMA M.63.4.2 by Ashley Van Haeften via Flickr. Shared via the Creative Commons  (CC BY 2.0) license.

Kazakh rug chain stitch embroidery.jpg via Wikipedia Commons

Slovakia folk art 95.jpg via Wikipedia Commons

Iridescent Blues

Need something to brighten up your winter blues? For SS2016 we are seeing some flashy iridescent fabrics come down the runway. These jewel-like fabrics make for the perfect show stopping garment or accessory. Inspired by the unique textures and colors found in nature, this iridescent effect is huge in the juniors apparel market for Spring 2016. At New… Continue Reading