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Hot Pink Summer

If summer wasn’t warm enough for you already, you can turn up the heat with these hot pinks and pop colors currently trending for Resort 2016. What girl doesn’t love a little pink? Especially when it’s paired with bright yellow, coral, or orange accessories. These highly energetic color combinations are the perfect way to make a splash on… Continue Reading

Playful Stripes

In an earlier blog, we discussed the re-emergence of stripes in the menswear market. Today, we are focusing on how stripes are taking over women’s fashion as well, but in a totally different way. For SS2016 we are seeing colorful stripes in almost every variety. From knitwear to wovens these playful stripes give any outfit an artistic edge.… Continue Reading

Everyday Art Inspirations

As a fashion designer you are constantly on the look out of new and exciting ideas. You spend hours each day researching trends online, going shopping in stores to find the newest techniques and fabrics. You frequent art openings and museums to find fresh inspiration from the art world. You are constantly looking and researching… Continue Reading

Neon Lights

In addition to the constant trend watching, the designers at New Creation are always looking for art inspiration in unexpected places. New Creation loves fashion and the designers pride themselves on their ability to create the perfect, trend-right design. However, it’s just as important to make sure each design stands out in the marketplace. That’s where NCS’s everyday art inspirations come into play, giving each specific clothing… Continue Reading