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Folk Art Florals

At New Creation our designers love pulling inspiration from the past and reinventing it into something new and exciting. This week our focus is on Folk Art Florals. Perfect for Spring/Summer 2016 these colorful florals bring you back to a simpler time of cross stitching and hand woven tapestries. In today’s market these traditional florals are used in a… Continue Reading

Iridescent Blues

Need something to brighten up your winter blues? For SS2016 we are seeing some flashy iridescent fabrics come down the runway. These jewel-like fabrics make for the perfect show stopping garment or accessory. Inspired by the unique textures and colors found in nature, this iridescent effect is huge in the juniors apparel market for Spring 2016. At New… Continue Reading

Burnout Technique

Burnout is a popular technique that uses chemicals to dissolve natural fibers in a fabric, leaving only the synthetic fibers. This creates a considerably more sheer fabric. You can use burnout to give specific parts of fabric a textural difference from the rest of the garment. Most often it is used as a subtle pattern in the… Continue Reading


Appliqué is a popular technique used year round. By definition, an appliqué is one fabric that is applied to the surface of another fabric as a form of decoration. This simple definition can be expanded upon using many different methods, styles, threads, and fabrics. Appliqués are used across all the different apparel markets and they continue to be… Continue Reading


As cooler weather approaches we are beginning to see some heavier techniques being used in combination with traditional screen printing. One of the most popular fall time techniques is called flocking. Just like high density ink, flocking is used to give a specific element a textural distinction from the rest of the garment. Flock feels similar… Continue Reading