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Folk Art Florals

At New Creation our designers love pulling inspiration from the past and reinventing it into something new and exciting. This week our focus is on Folk Art Florals. Perfect for Spring/Summer 2016 these colorful florals bring you back to a simpler time of cross stitching and hand woven tapestries. In today’s market these traditional florals are used in a… Continue Reading

Stormy Prints

For Autumn/Winter 2015 we are seeing a ton of stormy colors and abstract prints on the runway. We love the dark undertones and movement created in these weather inspired prints. . If you love following trends and learning about fashion, contact us today and we will help your apparel business grow. ~Alison Wargo   Image credits… Continue Reading

Psychedelic Prints

We are seeing a huge return to the Summer of Love for resort wear in 2016. Psychedelic colors, prints, and styles are coming back in full force. Hints of tribal mixed in with a touch of contemporary geometrics keep Summer 2016 looking ready to party 60’s style. ~Alison Wargo   Image credits to: Stip the… Continue Reading

Hand-Drawn Palm Prints

With it’s popularity originating in men’s streetwear, photographic jungle prints have poured over into all major textile markets in 2015. For SPRING/SUMMER 2016 we are still continuing to see these tropical prints. However, they have evolved into something much more hand drawn and folksy-feeling. These friendly palm prints work especially well for casual women’s and… Continue Reading


Black and white marble prints, bold graphics, and sport-inspired imagery have saturated the market in 2015. However, as 2016 approaches we are seeing more and more designers beginning to reinterpret these familiar black and white graphics into much more unfamiliar uses of pattern. Abstract textures, small geometrics, and splatter prints are currently on the rise, specifically in the mens… Continue Reading