Everyday Art Inspirations

As a fashion designer you are constantly on the look out of new and exciting ideas. You spend hours each day researching trends online, going shopping in stores to find the newest techniques and fabrics. You frequent art openings and museums to find fresh inspiration from the art world. You are constantly looking and researching to stay ahead of the game. Sometimes, however, inspiration can be found in the simplest of places. Today we are highlighting a collection of photographs by spDuchamp. Each photo is a close-up of a discarded mattress that the artist came across. Normally, an item that would go unnoticed or completely discarded, these images not only tell a story but they force you to look as these familiar traditional floral patterns in a brand new way.

floral pattern embroidery fashion

found floral embroidery pattern fashion

torn pattern floral print pattern fashion

pattern floral embroidery fashion

floral embroidery pattern

pattern subtle floral embroidery shadow fashion

pattern floral embroidery

floral decay pattern embroidery fashion

floral pattern embroidery

pattern floral embroidery decay

The variety of intertwining patterns, organic textures, and the pillowing effects created by the embroidery make each image unique, while at the same time also creating a certain consistency throughout the collection. These are an excellent source of inspiration for any designer. More of these intriguing images can be found in spDuchamp’s Found Floral album on Flickr.

~Alison Wargo

All images belong to spDuchamp. We are sharing the images via the Creative Commons CC by 2.0 License. Some images were to cropped to fit into the blog post. New Creation Inc. does not claim copyright to these images.

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