Everyday Art Inspirations

We love finding artistic inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Forcing us to look at what is normally considered a cheap toy, Lenore Edman photographs superballs as if they were sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We usually see these type of toys crammed together inside a quarter machine outside of the supermarket, children… Continue Reading

Men’s Fall Florals

As the weather gets cooler, we are on the lookout for the newest fall trends. This season in the high-end menswear markets we are seeing a continuing trend that gives a nod to traditional floral tapestries. With rich colors and plenty of textures, these floral masterpieces tell a story of days passed, but with a contemporary twist.… Continue Reading


We have many tricks up our sleeve here at New Creation Inc. to make your design stand out from the crowd. There are a million screen printers out there that are happy to print a simple t-shirt for you. But, what happens when every other garment in the store looks just like yours? How can… Continue Reading

Hot Pink Summer

If summer wasn’t warm enough for you already, you can turn up the heat with these hot pinks and pop colors currently trending for Resort 2016. What girl doesn’t love a little pink? Especially when it’s paired with bright yellow, coral, or orange accessories. These highly energetic color combinations are the perfect way to make a splash on… Continue Reading