Playful Stripes

In an earlier blog, we discussed the re-emergence of stripes in the menswear market. Today, we are focusing on how stripes are taking over women’s fashion as well, but in a totally different way. For SS2016 we are seeing colorful stripes in almost every variety. From knitwear to wovens these playful stripes give any outfit an artistic edge.… Continue Reading

Knit Jacquard

At New Creation our knitwear is consistently the best selling and most popular products we offer. In order to keep prices down and quality up for our customers, we are always exploring the newest knit techniques and technologies. One of our favorite techniques, knit jacquard, has become much more mainstream (and therefore cheaper to manufacture). Once confined to… Continue Reading

The Return of the Pinstripes

Traditional pinstripes have always been a staple of the menswear world. For Autumn/Winter 2016 these same stripes are starting to take center stage. Not only are they being used in suiting but, we are beginning to see these thinner and typically more formal stripes popping up on t-shirts, jackets, woven short sleeve shirts, and a number of other casual garments. Get ready… Continue Reading

Folk Art Florals

At New Creation our designers love pulling inspiration from the past and reinventing it into something new and exciting. This week our focus is on Folk Art Florals. Perfect for Spring/Summer 2016 these colorful florals bring you back to a simpler time of cross stitching and hand woven tapestries. In today’s market these traditional florals are used in a… Continue Reading